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A new trailer for House of the Dragon has premiered providing a new look at the upcoming prequel to HBOs popular fantasy show Game of Thrones. Kit Harington might return as Jon Snow in a Game of Thrones spin-off currently in the early stages of development at HBO. It looks horrifying, avengers costume and it is easy to craft. Popular Sauron 3D models View all One Ring 53 1 3 The One Ring 132 0 5 Helmet Of Sauron 3D Print 83 0 1 The One Ring 263 0 3 Sauron’s Eye 39 0 1 Dark Lord Sauron – Lord of the Rings 2k 0 18 Dark Lord Morgoth – Lord of the Rings Villain 663 0 10 Demon Mace 466 0 18The Dark Lord Sauron – 3D Print Model.