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It’s clear from the concept art that Rocksteady wanted to do something different with Harley’s outfit for Batman: Arkham Asylum, starting at first with the signature jester attire before transitioning to a nurse theme. Moving forward with the development of Arkham City, Rocksteady designed yet another unique costume for the character, this time ditching the nurse theme for the traditional red and black color scheme (with highlighted pigtails to match), and ditching the mallet for a candy-striped baseball bat. Use this Meme-inspired costume to your Halloween celebration to actually see who’s hip and also cool. A one-sided ponytail representing Harley and a frizzy green hairstyle to symbolize the Joker with stick-on tattoos for the arms completed with half on half makeup is a great DIY Halloween costume to surprise all the DC Comic lovers. But, just like any trend, you can easily put your own spin on the costume and show off your make-up skills at the same time, and we’re here to help you do just that. Harley Quinn was a doctor, so one option is a medical-looking costume that looks like a nutty nurse’s outfit. Cosplay model Liz Katz showed Harley Quinn’s new look in the Birds of Prey movie a little love with her latest costume creation.

This look was created by Bruce Timm for Batman: Animated Series. The top part of the front has pointed metal embellishment for courageous look. Minifigures have been found with the black squares printed on top of her white dealing outlining her body. Notably, a black and white picture of Harley’s preliminary game version appears on Joker’s bulletin board after one of his villain levels are completed. Suicide Squad’s version of Harley comes with pigtails nearly identical to the ones from Arkham City, but colored more similarly to Harley’s New 52 design. Now, if you wear this elegant attire it will mean that you will have the Harley Quinn Golden Costume prior to release of the movie. For 17 years, Harley’s only alternate costume was a red silk nightie. Harley’s New 52 costume design bears some striking resemblances to Rocksteady’s Arkham outfits-specifically the red and blue color scheme, which was first introduced in Arkham Asylum.

This comic book style Harley costume features her iconic black. We’re here to answer that question the best way we know how – by examining each and every on-screen Harley Quinn and ranking them from the utter worst to the absolute best. Of course, she has to tear off a rather large piece of the dress to help her fight better, but she is quite skillful in her fighting techniques either way. In DC Comics, Harley began life as Dr. Harleen Quinzel: screen caps from the film show Harley as a doctor chatting it up with Joker. Since then, the artists at DC comics have done their best to continue the trend, featuring Harley in new costumes at every opportunity. Meanwhile, DC comics was busy planning a redesign of their own-a franchise-wide reboot known as The New 52. Just one month before Arkham City was released, DC launched the first issue of Suicide Squad (Volume 4), a comic featuring the first appearance of the brand-new Harley Quinn. Both references convey Harley Quinn’s costume again to her authentic character. If you are looking for crazy and colorful costume jacket for parties, then this is the one you should go for it This costume jacket is designed and inspired from the video game “Injustice” and worn by the character “Harley Quinn”.

The only elements that appear specifically borrowed from the comics are Robbie’s two-toned Daisy Dukes, harley quinn cosplay whose red and blue color scheme appeared first in Arkham Asylum. Case in point: Margot Robbie’s costume in the upcoming Suicide Squad film borrows more elements from Rocksteady’s design than from any of the comic book source materials. She’s on T-shirts. She’s an enduring Halloween costume choice. This Harley quinn among us jacket will surely spark your personality in Halloween and Cosplay parties. This fancy Harley quinn jacket is made for ladies in genuine quality of leather in colorful contrast golden, red and black patterns. The eye mask has a catlike quality to it. Harley’s new mask is very similar to drama masks – particularly Japanese Noh drama style masks. But by adding their own personal touch to Harley’s design, Rocksteady managed to breathe new life into the character, escalating her from obscure cartoon character to live-action badass.

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